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In the Living Horsemanship Clinics we will be exploring not only our goodness to each other but taking that goodness to our horses. We will build a vision and each one of our visions will be individual to ourselves and to our horse. We will breathe life into that vision together creating feel, timing, blending, balance, breath, and the postural awareness to see it through. I believe if you succeed I succeed, and through our challenges we can learn together to create even bigger success.

When we have control and knowledge of our body we have an opportunity to influence and direct the energy that our horse offers up by going with that movement. It is a privilege to own a horse and life is a privilege as well. With that privilege comes a great responsibility, the awareness of one's own self. We will explore five questions:

1. How do we present ourselves to our horses?
2. How do I present myself to you?
3. How do we present ourselves to each other?
4. What do we have to offer each other?
5. What do we have to offer to our horses?

For me, this philosophy becomes a way of life. I don't feel I can reserve this just for my horse. I must live this way. That way, when I get to my horse, I am living in that moment. These are the challenges of life. It is in responding to these challenges that allow us to feel good about our horsemanship, or not so good about our horsemanship, at any given moment.

When we learn the rhythm within our own body, we find the rhythm within our horse; and the rhythm within our clinic. This rhythm starts with breath. There is a rhythm in how we breathe. There is a rhythm when we don't breathe. We will become aware of our breathing rhythms and learn to direct or redirect them.

I don't remember the first breath I took. I know the awareness of breath is there for all of us. It is learning to take responsibility of our breath; getting back to the place where we feel freedom in our breath. Power in our breathing. Rhythm in our breathing.