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It didn’t take long for me to realize that working with Kim was about a lot more than learning to ride a horse. Her no-nonsense approach and loving nature put both my horse and me in a place of continuous learning and growth right from the start.

Kim has an unyielding belief in the horse and rider connection. Working with her I have learned not only correct posture and form for riding but an all-around attitude that everything I do on and around my horse is infinitely important. My confidence, or lack of it, communicates a powerful message to my horse.

Through Kim I have learned that how I present myself to my horse will ultimately be the source of my success or failure as a rider.  I have learned positive reinforcement through body language and thought process that tells my horse I am present, aware, listening, and guiding him at all times.

Until I worked with Kim I thought I knew how to ride but now I see that I was merely sitting on my horse and allowing him to walk out on our rides without contact from me. Now we both feel more connected and confident. I have learned to take nothing for granted.

Riding at the beautiful Historic Trevarton Ranch, whether it is in the round pen under Kim’s direction or out on the breath-taking trails of the 2,000 acre homestead, always puts me at ease. Up there I can leave my life in the valley behind and find a welcomed renewal for my soul.

Working with Kim is one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has made me a better, safer rider and a better, more aware person.

Lauren Munger
Boulder, Colorado

I first met Kim at a Mark Rashid clinic in Texas.  I was auditing and she was working with him then.  I saw her at a clinic in Giddings, Texas the year before but didn’t get a chance to talk to her.  This time I got to spend some time with her and found her to be total treat to be with.

The following summer I rode in a week long with Mark and Kim in Loveland, Colorado where I got to know her better and to enjoy the benefits of her skill in Feldenkrais and Pilates and horsemanship.  It was of phenominal benefit to me and my horse, Sunny.  He is an older Arabian gelding who came to me when he was rescued from a place where was being neglected.  He’s a fine horse who was started well and has excellent manners but is a nervous fellow who worries.  He has always gone with a high head and has scars on his nose from being ridden with a tiedown at some time in his life.

 I found as the week went along that the changes in my breathing and overall body carriage were making great changes in Sunny.  Her coaching in the arena helped us even more.  It was gentle and thoughtful and always right on.  As I became less tense, stiff, and worried so did he.  By the end of the week we were both much more relaxed and in tune with each other.  He was able to go with his head down.  My shoulders were no longer up by my ears.  My spine was straighter, my pelvis and thighs relaxed and loose.  We both felt a whole lot better.

I went home with new ways to think and breathe and be that have helped me with Sunny, my other horses and my life in general.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable and beneficial week.   I hope to ride with Kim again soon either at her beautiful place in Colorado or here in Texas.

Judy Atkiss
Pontotoc, Texas 



You showed us off in grand style. I'm not great with it was I already had tears in my eyes and was about to ball. (Happens each summer when its time to say goodby to this amazing place). Your style, welcoming heart and care-free abandon made us all feel so at home. From the moment I saw your great smile while raking off the road, all the way 'til that last yeee-haw....I was hooked on the dream you are living. I truly wish that all your blessings are revealed...that you are blessed with only good and that you are always filled with the happiness you allowed my daughter to feel. Enjoy sharing it with your special!

Thanks for it all!
Deb (with many tears a-flowin') 

Deborah Sessel
Orange, CT